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One of major grants Georgia has to offer is the CAPS Program and the purpose of this policy is to define non-financial eligibility requirements for CAPS and provide guidelines for verifying that these eligibility requirements are met. 


Families may also be required to meet income guidelines as prescribed in CAPS Income Calculations Policy and priority group eligibility as prescribed in CAPS Priority Groups  all parties responsible for the administration of the CAPS program, parents, and child care providers who receive subsidies administered by DECAL on behalf of parents.


For the purposes of CAPS, all parents must be a resident of the State of Georgia.

Proof of residency may include one of the following:


1) Current Georgia government issued driver’s license/identification (I.D.) card

2) Current lease or mortgage statement 

3) Notarized statement from landlord or person with whom the applicant resides 

4) Children’s school records within current school year 

5) Voter registration card 

6) Motor vehicle registration card with residence address 

7) Wage stubs with residence address 

8) Work or school I.D. with residence address 

9) Current utility bill/statement 

10) Current property tax statement 


In order to apply for CAPS services, the child in need of care must be 12 years of age or younger at the time of eligibility determination, or 17 years of age or younger if the child has a disability or developmental delay that impacts their learning or has a case plan requiring child care as part of court-ordered supervision.


Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) (

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